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Tubing on the Weber River

River tubing with friends is the quintessential summertime activity and nobody does it better than Destination Sports.
Serving northern Utah tubing groups from Park City, Salt Lake City, Ogden, and Davis County, we offer a fun and wild adventure on the class II whitewater rapids of the Weber River.  Tubing the Hen-Tag stretch of the Weber River is a blast for thrill-seeking groups of any size, from two people to large groups of friends, family reunions, and full company staff parties with up to 50 guests.

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What to Expect

Tubing Safely

What to Expect on a Weber River Tubing Trip

Depending on water flow, and how much you stop, these trips usually last about two to three hours and cover eight miles with Class II and lower Class III rapids. As you pass through the beautiful Weber Canyon, take in loads of spectacular local scenery. Expect to encounter white water, rough-and-tumble bouldery sections, and strong currents that often push you towards obstacles such as tree branches and rocks.  This can present intense challenges for some of our guests. For this reason we recommend that tubers have some prior river skills or tubing experience.  

If you have never tubed a class II whitewater river, we recommend that you upgrade to the easier option of paddle rafting with a guide, or request to have your tubing group be accompanied by a guide who would be on a kayak or small raft.  

Tubing Safely

This is a fast running river with drops and pools, mixed with lengths of quiet water. The rapids are Class II+ and can be challenging. Tubing on the Weber River is appropriate for people with intermediate river skills or better. While tubing is a fun activity, we do have a minimum age restriction of 12 years old and over 5' 2" in height.
If your group or family has members younger or smaller than that, they will not be able to float independently.  You must be able to reach over the tube with your arms and paddle with your hands to control your tube and stay in the middle of the river. If you are not sure about the whitewater tubing abilities of some people in your group, please ask us about other options. We suggest combining with a raft or at least having a guide along.

Why Tube with Destination Sports?

Your safety and fun is our top priority!  We use only top quality, canvas covered, dual chamber whitewater rated river tubes that can withstand collisions with rocks and branches and will not pop during your trip, leaving you stranded by the freeway.  You will enjoy an extra 30 minutes of float time by starting your trip at our private riverside launch site that is upstream from the main public access area in Henefer.  You will also enjoy a more private and personable experience, shorter wait times, and avoid being herded and shuttled on huge busses.

Tube Rentals & River Shuttle Service

COST: $25 per person

START TIME: We launch tubing trips at 10:00 a.m. 12:00 noon, and 2:00 p.m. every day from mid-June through mid-September (depending on the weather and water flows).

DURATION: On the water for about 2 - 3 hours, depending on water flows and how much you stop

INCLUDES: High quality whitewater river tube with canvas cover, PFD (life jacket), river shuttle

LEVEL: Intermediate or more advanced

*Utah law requires that life jackets be worn and securely fastened at all times while floating the river.

*Our latest launch time is 2:30 pm.

*Our staff will give a comprehensive safety orientation at the beginning of each trip.

*Reservations are required.

Come join us for lots of wet fun in the hot sun with whitewater thrills and scenic views.  Leave all the details, including shuttle service to us!

This is a great way for the more adventurous at heart to experience the Weber River. This 8-mile, 3-hour river section offers a challenging and scenic float for tubers. The Weber River is not the slow-flowing, lazy river that some people associate with tubing.

Tube Rentals & River Shuttle Service

Tubing with a Guide

COST: $45 per person  (group size minimum of 4 people, or the cost equivalent thereof)

START TIME: We launch guided tubing trips at 10:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m., Monday through Sunday from around mid-June through mid-September (depending on the weather and water flows).

DURATION: About 2 - 2.5 hours

INCLUDES: High quality whitewater river tube with canvas cover, PFD (life jacket), river shuttle and Guide

LEVEL: Beginner on up, but remember that this is NOT a lazy river float.

*Reservations are required.

*Utah law requires that life jackets be worn and securely fastened at all times while floating the river.

Destination Sports offers guided tube trips for those who prefer to have river support and guidance. Your tubing guide will offer assistance if needed (like when you flip off your tube, for example) from his or her kayak and will suggest safest and easiest route selection.

Tubing with a Guide


Frequently Asked Questions Section


Q: Is this suitable for young children?
A: No. Tubing is only suitable for children 12 or older.  It is more of a size thing than an age thing.  Each person must be able to reach over his or her tube to paddle with hands.  If you have children want to be with you on a tubing trip, we offer a guide to paddle your youngster on a tandem inflatable kayak.

Q: Can my child sit in my lap?
A: No.  This is a serious safety concern.  You will likely flip off your tube anyway, but with a lap rider it makes you even more top heavy and tippy.

Q: What should I wear?
A: A rash guard or long sleeve shirt to prevent under arm rash, quick drying clothes or swimwear, water shoes (such as sandals that securely strap on to your feet, or old tennies), as well as a hat, sunscreen, and sunglasses, all securely attached to you with clips or retainers.

Q: What should I bring?
A: Water bottle or soft drink in plastic bottle with a locking carabiner clip that can be safely attached to the D-ring on your tube. NOTE: No glass containers or alcohol permitted at any time.  

Q: Do you rent, or can I bring with me a cooler tube?
A: We do not rent or allow cooler tubes to be brought on tubing trips for two reasons. 1. It is a safety and entrapment hazard to have another tube tied to your tube.  2. Cooler tubes almost always flip and dump all contents into the river, creating unbelievable amounts of river trash.  We go by the respected river paddler's philosophy of "Rig to Flip".  Make sure all items are securely attached to your vessel so that when you do flip off your tube, you will not lose everything into the river. 

Q: Can I bring a camera? Are there any special considerations?
A: You can, but it will certainly get wet, and there is major risk of it getting lost into the river.

Q: Do you provide the equipment?
A: We provide tube, life jacket, safety talk, and shuttle.  We can also provide a guide for an extra fee.

Q: Will I get wet?
A: Yes.

Q: Do I need to know how to swim?
A: Yes.  You need to be comfortable in moving water situations.

Q: Can I fall out of the inner tube?
A: Yes! Plan on it.

Q: Is there a minimum number of people required to book?
A: Use the buddy system for safety.  Tube with a pal!  If your group is smaller than 4 people, then we will try to get you together with other groups, which may require a bit of a schedule change for your trip time.

Q: Is sales tax included in the prices listed on the website?
A: Utah sales tax is not included in trip pricing.

Q: Is guide gratuity included in the prices listed on the website?
A: Guide gratuity is not included in trip pricing.

Q: Do I need to sign a waiver?
A: Yes. We will provide this before your activity begins.

Q: Do I need to make a reservation?
A: Yes. Please reserve at least 24 hours in advance or more for guaranteed availability.  For reservations made day-of, availability may be limited, and you will likely have a longer wait time while we get your gear ready.  We often sell out on hot and sunny weekend days, especially on holiday weekends, so book early.

Q: How cold is too cold to go tubing?
A: We have a minimum outside temperature requirement of 72 degrees in Henefer before we will allow tubing to start.  Our personal recommendation is to wait until it is more like 80+ degrees outside.  Remember, when you are tubing, your hands, feet, and heinie are in the water pretty much the entire trip.  Prior to the 4th of July, water temperatures are colder, and so we recommend going on hot, sunny days.